Educating, enabling and empowering are at the core of Community Development. I think that community development is conscious social activity that contains the spiritual and material life of the society. We must give the high consideration to the role of human values, spiritual aspect of human being and his cultural and educational inquiries, and to the role of experts and community workers and politic leaders or officers in the community development. It demand the emergence of transformative leadership in leading transformative education for Muslim experts especially in managing change and challenges for better developments in our society. A holistic approach in nurturing experts with ethical values and morals is greatly needed in this century, because the rise of globalization with its structural impacts need to be balance up with a more equitable and harmonious approach in teaching and learning. Neglecting the importance of compatibility in responding to change, leadership in higher Islamic education in its present scope and orientation, and skillful Muslim experts with Islamic knowledge and better understanding of computer science may lead to the marginalization of the ummah.

Islamic studies of today demands a new theoretical foundation to address not only the authentic or traditional approach in addressing traditional sources and also turath but also the modern factors in teaching-learning processes which are very contemporary in nature. I think it will be possible, because in this moment we can produce Distributed Artificial Intelligence which can process faster than human brain- our belief to that reality will not change, because we consider Supperintelligence as an effect of human mind and creativity and the law of causality proves that the existence of effect depends on the cause, so I believe that Superintelligence will not damage our life as we see in Hollywood films, but the values of human which organize our better intellectual life must be programmed in the future, and with this approach we can solve the challenge between Community Development and Supperintelligence, we can call it friendly Artificial Intelligence.


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